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Mobile-friendly Internet

Most people use mobile Internet during the day, so mobile-friendly sites and apps, and app design should be a priority for many brands. Of course, laptops or computers are not always accessible, but indeed everyone has a mobile phone. Sometimes it’s not possible to fully transfer the functionality of a web resource through its mobile version.

In this case, it is crucial to have an application. The application also helps to make the process as convenient and fast as possible for mobile users. In application development, design is the essential stage. It should be eye-catching, modern, and clean.


According to the current trends, people will use mobile phones for about 3.5-4 hours a day in the next few years. Moreover, they will spend 88% of this time browsing through mobile applications.

When setting up a business in the modern world, you need to create a website and develop a mobile application. Any company aims to gain a large and loyal audience, so it would be terrible to miss out on such an impressive amount of active users.


The biggest task in design development falls on the UI/UX designers’ shoulders. They do not only develop an attractive image but design a user-friendly interface.

The mobile application interface should be intuitive and convenient; it should not cause negative emotions, the application should be pleasant and easy to use.

Application development has the following advantages:
1. Additional revenue generation through paid subscriptions and advertising;
2. Interaction with social networks: People can share products or services directly from the app with one click, which is increasing website traffic;
3. Collecting user data that you can use for advertising later;
4. Users complete the order more often;
5. Constant interaction with customers;


We recommend developing a mobile application for customers with already working online stores.
The app works for:

— An existing business as a tool for increasing sales;

— Startup projects;

— Online stores that already have a customer flow coming from social media or a website.

After downloading the application, the user needs to be motivated to register and leave their contact information. In the future, your sales department can use this data for newsletters, personal offers, or direct sales via phone.


In addition to the design, we are ready to develop an application from scratch. Application development includes the following steps:

1. Conducting competitor analysis;
2. Building a path map and thinking through all the user scenarios;
3. Developing a unique design;
4. Developing an app for iOS and/or Android;
5. Testing the completed application.

To accurately determine the time required for the application design and development, you need to see the terms of reference or develop it from scratch first.
On average, it takes 20-30 days to design the application.

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