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Slide Email Marketing Email marketing is an essential part of any advertising campaign. It can be used on its own if you already have a customer database.

It can be used on its own if you already have a customer database. The primary purpose of email marketing is to advertise products and services via email. To start, we prepare a database, get the mailing lists ready, personalize them and then monitor its effectiveness.

Email marketing is not spam or a personal letter from an old friend either; it’s something in between. However, users do not like to provide personal information; email marketing helps establish relationships between a brand and a customer and stimulates sales.

Email marketing advantages

Mailing lists have many useful features, other than direct sales:

  • They educate the subscribers and customers on how to use your product;
  • They return old customers — a personalized letter helps to cause a new wave of interest and stimulates repeated sales;
  • They distribute fresh and helpful content, inform about changes and upcoming events.

Email marketing can become your multipurpose tool. It is often being used in B2B, online stores, web services, and restaurants.

The main advantages of email marketing:

  • High ROI rate – for every dollar spent, email marketing usually returns $44.
  • Email marketing is 40 times more effective at attracting new customers than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • It is easily integrated with other communication channels. For example, emails work perfectly for expanding the audience, combining with your social networks accounts and SMS or push notifications.
  • Works well for SEO promotion. Email marketing allows you to create valuable and informative content for potential clients, inform subscribers about news and updates, get backlinks and increase traffic.

There is no reason not to include Email Marketing in your marketing strategy, considering the relatively low cost of this tool.

Common problems

Here is the list of the most common issues:

  • Work with outdated mailing lists. Use email verification services when analyzing the mailing list. They help to remove obsolete or suspicious addresses. These steps will increase your email marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Lack of feedback. Check if the signature in your emails is a “no-reply” or “admin”? For subscribers, this appears as a signal that your company is not eager to communicate.
  • No testing before the launch. Getting into spam, errors in a layout, incorrect HTML display — all of these are the consequences of insufficient testing. Any mistake works against you, reducing the effectiveness of the mailing list.

Even a simple test will help to identify the shortcomings. Try a test mailing list, which will also include your mailbox. Open the email on all possible devices, browsers, and clients. Always try to see it through the client’s eyes.


Here are some valuable tips if you decide to try it out yourself:

  1. Use only live customer databases;
  2. Make your headlines and greetings attractive;
  3. Track those who received your email and then went to the website;
  4. Segment the customers who have already visited the site;
  5. Do not send out emails too often;
  6. Create a stylish and memorable layout design.

VIBE Corp: What is included in Email Marketing?

Working with email marketing is a constant analysis of user behavior, monitoring the effectiveness of mailing, and segmentation of your customers.

We want the newsletter to bring the best result, so we are following these steps:

  • We are developing a powerful strategy. First, we analyze users’ behavior. For example, we consider the time spent on the website, whether a user exited the email, added the product to the cart, or typed in the online chat window. Based on these actions, you can determine if the user has any difficulties while using your website. If we spot that most users’ behavior differs from our goals, we fix the website errors.
  • We send out Welcome Letters when someone is completing the registration, making the first purchase, or subscribing to the newsletter.
  • We remind a customer to complete the purchase if he has a product in the cart.
  • We recommend similar products if someone viewed the product but then left the website.
  • You are sending congratulating emails to customers on their birthdays or other holidays.
  • We create a high-quality design of the letter layout to be attractive, informative, and interactive.
  • We provide our databases for almost any business.
  • We check your database for the accounts’ relevance.

It usually takes two (2) weeks to complete the work before starting the email marketing campaign.

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