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Slide Marketing Analysis MARKETING ANALYSIS Once you launch your site, it is essential to advertise it so that potential customers find out about your products or services.

The choice of the ads type and strategy should be based on the type and style of your business.

For the advertising campaign to be effective, you need to choose a perfect marketing strategy that would fit earlier when planning to build a website. For a successful advertising campaign it is not enough to just set up an Ads Manager. The showing ad will lead a user to the website, so it must match the ad and encourage the user to take action.

The very first stage of an advertising campaign is to determine who is the target audience. To do this, you need to create a customer profile, conduct test runs, bring up sales to a certain level, and optimize advertising costs.


Setting up your Ads Manager correctly always responds to user requests. However, if your ads are not bringing results, you need to analyze your advertising campaign. The analysis aims to identify any settings mistakes, prepare recommendations to increase the targeted traffic, and reduce the cost per click.


To evaluate the effectiveness of your ad, you need to answer these questions:

  • Check if there is any problem with the final URL, is the site displaying it correctly?
  • Are the users able to get to the website?
  • Is the audience selected correctly?
  • Is your offer attractive to users?

If you have difficulty answering these questions, you can ask our experts for professional marketing analysis.


If you need to assess the quality of your current promotion, get an audit from us. You will get a list of shortcomings, recommendations, and a guide for your Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaign managers.


  • Account analysis: location settings, advertising campaign budgeting, the number of active ads and their quality, the right keywords, keyword rates, linking ads to the site, checking landing pages.
  • Checking of analytics systems: analytics systems connection check, the correct setting of conversion tracking, percentage of constant impressions, an average time users spend on the site, customer’s route on the site, checking of campaign objectives settings.
  • Recommendations: after checking your advertising campaign, we analyze your competitors and make corrections and improvements that will help overtake the competitors and make clicks cheaper.

Based on this information, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your advertising campaign. You will know if the direction you’re moving to is correct or if your offer is attractive to your target audience.

After the recommendations, you can pass the document to your existing advertising specialists or contact us to make the changes.


  • For many products, social media can be the perfect place to sell. However, many users run into some problems when setting up Facebook Ads. To solve them and avoid them in the future, we offer a marketing analysis of the Facebook Ads account. It includes:
  • Checking the set of goals when creating the campaign.
  • Target audience analysis.
  • Checking ad campaign settings: event and conversion settings, locations, age, cost per impression or click, checking if the links and phone numbers are set up correctly.
  • Connecting Facebook Pixel, an auxiliary analytics system from Facebook that uses machine learning. Based on the collection of statistical data on the purchase number, requests, and conversions, the system optimizes advertising campaigns on its own.
  • Checking ad placement websites to make sure the ad materials match the showing places.
  • Check if you are spending the advertising budget correctly.
  • Copywriting analysis: is it clear to the potential clients what they are getting when they see your advertising?

Marketing analysis usually takes about seven days to fully observe the work of your advertising and generate a full report.


Get some valuable tips from our experts if you’re trying to set up an ad campaign on your own:

  • Make sure to choose the right target audience;
  • Link all necessary analytics systems to the landing page;
  • Don’t change ad campaigns often;
  • Don’t dramatically increase your budget;
  • Check if the Facebook Pixel settings are correct;
  • Always use Facebook Ads Manager, don’t run ads using just Instagram app;
  • If you have a local business, constantly adjust the radius of displaying your ads – this will help attract only those users who are nearby;
  • Don’t overuse text on images; the more text is in the picture – the more system limits would be applied. You can check your photos with text using a unique Facebook Ads Manager tool.

What if you are sure that you set up your advertising campaign correctly, and the target audience clicks on your website, but you are still not getting results? Most likely, you need to analyze the website. In this situation, it often can be that the problem is in its speed and inconvenience.

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