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Slide PPC Advertising PPC Advertising PPC Advertising is usually very appealing to business owners because you can receive calls right away on the campaign launch day.

There is no need to wait for the SEO promotion results or get into the social networks’ recommendations. All you need is to launch a PPC campaign and set up a mobile phone for several streams.


Pay-per-click advertising has several advantages:

  • Choosing the target audience. The advertising tools allow you to set up the campaign quite accurately. These tools will show your ads to users who are already interested in products or services similar to yours.
  • Quick results. PPC advertising starts working from the moment it is launched. So you get calls and sales almost right away.
  • You can adjust the demand for your services by pausing your ad or adjusting the daily budget. For example, there is no reason for you to waste money to show the ad when you have appointments booked for a week in advance.

It is also a perfect tool for testing any niche: you can check the demand for new products or services that you doubt. One more advantage is that you don’t have to have a website to launch a PPC campaign.


If you have never launched a paid ad and would like to try it out yourself, you should get prepared for some issues:

  • Inflated budgets;
  • Non-targeted keywords;
  • A weekly budget can be spent in a couple of hours if you do not correctly set the maximum price per click;
  • You may also experience that your ad is being displayed in another city or country and the usage of the wrong keywords.


We follow one algorithm when launching PPC ads:

  • Competitors analysis, creating a target customer profile, choosing a strategy;
  • Testing the site, fixing usability issues, adding metrics and systems for tracking users and their purchasing behavior;
  • Collecting the semantic core, making a list of negative keywords so we won’t show irrelevant ads;
  • Setting up an advertising campaign: creating creative and relevant ads, setting up different types of ads (search advertising, remarketing, display network).
  • Advertising campaign optimization and audit of the performed work, keywords elaboration, and ads that are aiming to reduce cost per click.

The VIBE Corp team does thorough analysis and sets up the advertising campaign in 5 days.


How much does it cost to launch a PPC campaign?
We usually calculate the cost of setting up contextual advertising individually for each client. The price is based on competition, the number of advertising pages, and keywords. The fee also depends on the characteristics of your business niche and the rates set by competitors.
Managing an advertising campaign - what is included?
Advertising management includes carefully selecting marketing tools and preparing a perfect working strategy for their application. Then, we set up and launch an advertising campaign, analyze its effectiveness, make changes to improve performance, and control bids.
How fast can you launch an ad?
The analysis and setup take about five (5) working days. Then, a week after the launch, we collect data and analyze its effectiveness. The ad usually brings results 0-14 days once launched.

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