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Slide Disadvantages of SEO SEO TORONTO The main task of SEO is to make your website appear
higher up on the Google search list.


Therefore, Search Engine Optimization improves the quantity of traffic to your website and allows you to achieve the most significant results and get a higher number of orders.

From 2005 to 2010, it was enough just to follow 10 SEO rules to ensure that your site is on top of the search results list. But the algorithms are evolving and are constantly being improved, so most search engines, such as Google, are becoming more demanding.


Search Engine Optimization provides the following benefits:

  1. The website loading speed is increasing.
  2. Websites are becoming more convenient and user-friendly.
  3. Free traffic when the site is positioned higher on the search list.
  4. When your site moves to the first search page, you will always get new customers, even when you stop doing SEO in the future. So a website that has got to receive the top positions is unlikely to lose its status.
  5. Statistically, 80% of users click on websites from the top first in the search results, ignoring advertisements.

Search engines usually only show the most convenient and relevant resources. So by optimizing and promoting your website or webpage, you have to make it convenient and easy to use. It will increase your sales, even if your potential customers come from social networks, news articles, or other sources through advertising.


Every website owner seeks to get traffic and customers instantly while also not spending much. Generally, with a good website and a clever marketing strategy, it is quite possible to get results quickly enough. Though the analysis, test launch, and advertising campaign adjustment still take time.

At the same time, the effect will end once you stop advertising your products or services. It means that you will have to sell your products at a higher price point or make less profit to cover the advertising costs. SEO works differently: first, you promote a resource, and then it independently brings customers without any further investments. But at the same time you can face the following disadvantages:

  • For effective promotion, you need to complete a large amount of work.
  • On average, the results show themselves after 2-6 months of work.
  • It would be best to constantly work with a team of developers who will optimize the website, publish content, work with links and monitor website performance.
  • The site will be at the top of the search results list when typing in specific keywords.

This list, however, is very subjective since our clients and our team too can argue with the disadvantages listed above. Comparing the time spent and money spent on PPC advertising, you will spend more in the future. Also, the effect will end once you stop paying for your ad. Choosing PPC advertising, you will continue paying in a year. At the same time, SEO will give you stable free traffic within this period.


If you have never used SEO as a website promotion tool, try to create a draft website as an experiment. You do not need to make changes on your main site to avoid getting banned from the Google search list.

If you are not using unique content on the website, the search engine will immediately detect it. The main search engine’s job is to give the user the most relevant and high-quality content, recommend resources with unique content first, and simply will not promote plagiarism sites.


  • The search engine uses more than 800 factors to evaluate a website when ranking. Therefore, you can guarantee the result only by doing systematic and comprehensive work on your website. Here are the most critical steps that we perform when promoting and optimizing the site:
  • Conducting competitor analysis;
  • Making up the Semantic Core;
  • Checking the website’s loading speed. If it is too low, we fix it and bring the Google Page Speed and GTmetrix indicators to 90-100%;
  • Adding content to the site or updating and optimizing an existing one;
  • Writing unique SEO articles for your blog and other pages;
  • Setting up proper linking on the site;
  • Monitoring if you have any duplicated pages and deleting them;
  • Creating a site map and configure robots.txt;
  • Checking the server response speed; if the speed is too low — we transfer the website to another hosting;
  • Setting up the server and browser caching of the site;
  • Improving the website structure;
  • Correcting technical errors;
  • Optimizing the existing pages of the site for promotion;
  • Increasing brand awareness on other resources without using links;
  • Exchanging links with reputable resources;


You need to allocate about 14 days for SEO. If you want to get results, the minimum duration that is recommended for SEO promotion is three months.


SEO specialists of VIBE Corp advise you to be careful if you plan to optimize your site by yourself. Do not buy cheap links; monitor the quality and uniqueness of the content and try to make the website as convenient and easy as possible. To avoid making significant mistakes, we will be happy to give you a consultation.

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