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Slide Seo Advantages SSL certificate.
What is it?

SSL certificate is a unique “document” of the website that guarantees its users the security of the resource. So, for example, users can make purchases and enter passwords on a site that has an SSL certificate with absolutely no fear that someone might steal their data.
The certificate itself is a set of files uploaded to the server.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Today, every web resource needs an SSL certificate. If you do not install it, there is a risk that some browsers might even block access to sites. Why is it required?

  1. The green lock with the “Secure connection” caption positively affects website visitors’ trust.
  2. Each company requesting contact information at registration becomes the owner of users’ private information and undertakes to protect it. You can easily do so with encryption; gladly, an SSL certificate is responsible for this.
  3. In 2014, Google stated that the SSL protocol use is one of the main ranking factors in Google’s search engine. You can find more detailed information by clicking the link HTTPS as a ranking signal.

Interesting fact: an unsecured website address begins with ” http://…” and a website with an SSL certificate starts with ” https://”.

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

The information is transmitted in the usual way over HTTP, while HTTPS sends it in encrypted form. The data needs to be encrypted so that hackers cannot read anything, even if they intercept it.

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

SSL certificate. What is it?

HTTP transmits unencrypted data


SSL certificate. What is it?

HTTPS encrypts data, and it is safe for hacker attacks


How to find out if you have an SSL certificate

There are several ways to perform verification: independently or using online services that automatically determine the certificate presence.

For self-verification, you can go to your website, then look at the address bar. Make sure you see the lock icon to the left of HTTPS.



This website is protected: an SSL certificate is installed. Furthermore, the browser informs users that you can safely enter passwords, credit cards number, and other personal information here.

You can also go to the SSL Checker website and enter your site address:


SSL CheckingSSL setup


We strongly recommend that every site owner take care of user data security. It is essential both for the website promotion and for the users’ trust. The package we offer includes:

  1. We connect an SSL certificate if you do not have one.
  2. Help choose the SSL certificate type; for example, an online store and the information website would need different types.
  3. Fix the SSL certificate operation.
  4. Configure the SSL certificate on cPanel.

Trusted certification centers issue certificates that guarantee security. These organizations tend to check website owners before issuing them a certificate. Certificate duration, reliability degree, and price differ, depending on the verification thoroughness.

Install an SSL certificate from a trusted certification center if you want search engines and users to trust your website. Our experts will help you to make the right choice.

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