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Slide What is website hosting, and how it works Hosting is virtual file storage connected to the Internet with website files stored on it.

In addition to providing server space for your website, hosting providers may offer other services related to site management. For example:

  • SSL certificates (the https://protocol is used to ensure website security);
  • A wide range of tools for developers;
  • Customer support (usually with an online chat);
  • Automated creation of backups (data backups);
  • Email Hosting;

Pay attention to the hosting you choose; some hosters offer a minimal set of services at a high price point. We strongly recommend consulting with professionals before paying for hosting.

Additional purposes of having hosting

You will need hosting for email: emails and mail settings, spam filter tools, automatic responses, forwarding rules, and contacts; it all will be stored on the hosting.

Also, hosting gives you an opportunity to:

  • Store domains;
  • Check the server load and its stability;
  • Check files with antivirus to spot any malware.

Applications also need hosting to keep the application files, be online 24/7 and safely store user information.

Our hosting setup services include:

  • Linking domains to hosting;
  • Installing your website on hosting;
  • Setting up automatic backups;
  • Setting up corporate mail, for example, info@vibe-copr.ca;
  • Load monitoring, troubleshooting;
  • Linking a domain to GSuite;
  • Connecting an SSL certificate;
  • Website speed increasing with software updates on the server;
  • Caching system settings to speed up the website.

Choose a high-quality, stable hosting. Never hesitate to ask for professional help. The rate for the hosting setup service is relatively low compared to the risk of losing your website or getting a domain blocked in the search engine.

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